During Morning Glow Pastor Matthew released a prophecy about the fruit of the womb. My husband and I have been believing for this promise for over 2 years. I received the prophecy and as we prayed we asked if we could have it as a Christmas gift. On Christmas morning, I had a dream of a lady holding a positive pregnancy test. I woke up with joy and went and took a pregnancy test although I had only missed my period for 9 days, I did it anyway. Suddenly two lines appeared.  Hallelujah, God had answered our prayer. We have since been to our doctor where our Christmas miracle has been confirmed. Glory to God, my husband and I are so overjoyed at the goodness and faithfulness of our Lord Jesus. Hallelujah.

To everyone trusting God for the fruit of the womb. Believe in God’s timing and His way! He will not let you down. He hears and He will do it. Thank you Pastor Matthew for your obedience and diligence to follow and hear the Lord. Thank you Lord.

Mr & Mrs O





I would like to thank God for His faithfulness. During the Morning Glow week we were praying for divine intervention. When my car broke down God showed up for me. The mechanic quoted £850 to repair it and I didn’t have the money but I remembered what we had been praying for. I cried out to God and reminded Him that He had blessed me with the car and according to His word in Proverbs 10:22, it will not bring me sorrow. My husband suggested I take the car to a local mechanic. Glory to God the car was fixed for free. I can only say that the hand of God intervened. Hallelujah to God.

Miss P






I come to return all the glory to God and thank Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo. During the lockdown I was given a letter of termination from my employer and instructed that I would be paid all my benefits as I had worked there for 8 years and 11 months. However, I did not receive the payment.

I would watch Morning Glow every morning believing the prophecies on celebration and thanksgiving. I was broken and dejected. God showed up in His miraculous way. I decide that instead fighting I would leave everything in the hand of God. To the Glory of God, I got another job far better than the previous one and my former company paid out my benefits without me even contacting them. Glory to Almighty God.



I sent in my prayer points and one of them was for Jesus to have mercy on my husband who was in hospital and being treated for COVID_19. During the Morning Glow services Pastor Matthew would curse Coronavirus to its root.  I believed this and asked Jesus to heal my husband.  I give thanks to the Lord for He is good and His love endures forever. My husband came off oxygen that week and made a full recovery.  Thank you Pastor Matthew, surely the prayers of the righteous can do so much.








I recently noticed a large patch of blood in my right eye. I prayed for healing and informed my Caring Heart Fellowship (CHF) family who all prayed for me.  During the next Morning Glow service Pastor Matthew declared that ‘the person with a problem in their right eye – be healed.’  I immediately received my healing. On Friday evening at CHF I testified how I was healed.

I thank God for Pastor Matthew, I am so grateful for my CHF family as it is great to have this weekly connection.  I am also grateful for the Morning Glow services. I give all the glory to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.



During the December Fasting and Prayer I put a financial need on my list of ‘10 things’ and I sent it into KICC, as Pastor Matthew asked us to.  During this time I attended every Morning and Evening Glow service and I held on to every declaration and prayer that Pastor Matthew made during this time. I cried out for mercy and wept during the debt cancellation prayer on the 15th December’s Evening Glow. Pastor Matthews said that he saw God wiping tears, I believe that was me.

On Thursday 17th December I was at Prayer City all day as a volunteer for the Christmas Hamper challenge. When I got home a friend who I had not spoken to for a while called me. During the conversation they asked for my bank details. I was confused!  She explained that she wanted to send me a gift.  Glory to God. Less than 10 minutes later she had sent me the exact amount I needed.

Hallelujah!!  We serve a mighty God.  I now have the complete amount I require to move and I have extra to spare! God answered my number one prayer request!   I allowed the tears of joy to flow as I spent the next few hours on my knees and on face giving God all the glory.

Thank you so much, Pastor Matthew and Pastor Yemisi for your constant prayers and prophesies over my life. May God bless you abundantly! It’s so important to serve in the house of the Lord, therefore I shall continue to serve the Lord with joy and gladness. God bless you sir.