God’s goodness and mercy

Our testimony today is about ‘God’s goodness and mercy in the lives of His people. Be encouraged and blessed as you listen. It reads…

My first testimony started over a year ago, when my health suffered a sudden terrible attack. The doctors told me that it was a life threatening issue. They put me on various treatments, things became worse. The situation was critical. I was in severe pain and was admitted to hospital for monitoring and treatment. I settled it in my heart that I would not miss coming to the house of God. It was very challenging. I did not stop serving or attending Church, attending by God’s grace all the Sunday evening services, WAM’s and 7 Sunday nights.

At every service, Pastor Matthew would always give declarations concerning health and they were all meant for me. I knew that Jehovah was on the throne watching over me. I held on to the Word and the prophetic declarations at the 7 Sunday night services, refusing to give up. When I left hospital I was told to rest at home. I decided to come to WAM. In one of the services, Pastor Matthew’s message declared “Your sun will shine again.” My sun has indeed shone again! After more than a year the doctors called me and my husband to attend a consultation. The doctor confirmed that there is no trace of sickness in my body and I was discharged. Glory be to God.

My second testimony happened when I had been believing God for a job in my chosen field for over 4 years. During this time God proved Himself faithful meeting me at the point of my need. During the 1st November Sunday evening service Pastor Matthew preached on “Jehovah on time”. The following Sunday night, the topic was “My sun will shine again”. Pastor Matthew told us that God does not disappoint and that we “will laugh as God was about to turn things around.” He also said that “the nightmare you have been through is over and your sun will shine again.” I held on to these prophetic declarations.

A short time later I was suddenly invited to attend two interviews. Both were for jobs in the area of my heart’s desire. By God’s planning, both interviews were scheduled for the same day, one at 10am, and the other at 2pm. At the interviews, I saw God’s hand of favour. One of the interviews was even cut short because the interviewer said it wasn’t necessary to keep asking me more questions and I was offered the job 30 minutes later.

Two days later, the second company offered me a job. Wow had I received two perfect job offers in the same week. Glory be to God.

God confirmed that He is “Jehovah on time,” and He has caused me and my family to laugh, in the month of Laughter. I praise Him for His faithfulness, for restoring my health and restoring my employment situation. He is a faithful God. Thank you Pastor Matthew and Pastor Yemisi for being such a blessing to us and for being faithful to the call of God and to the body of Christ. To everyone listening. The Lord will meet you at the point of your need. “Though it tarry, wait for it, for it shall surely come, and it will not delay,” in Jesus name. You are blessed.

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