Multiple miracles

Our testimony today is about ‘God’s goodness and mercy in the lives of His people. Be encouraged and blessed as you listen.  It reads…

I came to the United Kingdom to study, 6 months after the death of my husband in 2002, leaving my three children then aged 14, 11 and 5 with my parents. My children then joined me 3 years later. From 2002 to 2010 I had no problems with Immigration and was able to work. Two of the children who had turned 18years old were able to help out financially. However, in 2010 the challenges started as the immigration rules changed. We were refused an extension on our visas due to insufficient funds in my account. Both my children and I had to stop working.

At this time I was still trying to finish my Master’s Degree but I didn’t have the £10,000 to pay. During my first Prayer and Fasting in December 2010 Pastor Matthew said, “There is some money which someone doesn’t even know about. You will get a phone call.” About two hours later a friend called me and told me that there was some money which was being released back home in Africa for people who had opted for early retirement in the government and my late husband happened to be one of them.

I was so shocked and told my friend what Pastor Matthew had just prophesied. After a few weeks of being in touch with the department back home, the money was released, the exact amount I needed for my Master’s Degree £10,000. Thanks be to God Almighty. We reapplied for our visas between 2010 and 2013 and were refused with no right to appeal. I fasted and prayed holding onto the Word in Joshua 1:3 ‘I will give you every place where the sole of your feet have stepped as I said to Moses’ and Gen 13:15 ‘For all the land that you see I will give to you and your off springs forever.’

Several times Pastor Matthew referred to these scriptures and they really ministered to me. During this time we experienced financial difficulties even to the point of receiving a two months’ notice to move from our flat. On Sunday 4th August 2013 Pastor Matthew called out people who were having financial difficulties to come to the altar and he would pray for us. I came out. At the end of the service I am always amongst the last to go out, I danced until the praise team stop singing. As I was dancing, a lady came up to me and said she had seen me go to the front when Pastor Matthew prayed for people with financial difficulties and she wanted to give me £500. I broke into tears and hugged her. Two days before the eviction deadline, I was seated at the bus stop not knowing what to do, so I prayed. Shortly after this I received a call from a man whose house I had viewed the previous day. He asked me why I had not got back to him. I told him that I did not have the £2000 deposit or the two month’s advance rent payment – which came to £4600. He then asked me come to his office which I did with my daughter in case it was a scam. When we got there we worked out terms and now my family have a bigger and better home.

Then in May 2014 my eldest daughter was granted her leave to remain and within a few weeks she got a job where she was professionally trained and received promotion upon promotion. The final breakthrough came when on a Sunday in June 2015, Pastor Ade read a testimony on a very complicated immigration issue. After the service I went up to Pastor Ade and told her that I had a complicated immigration issue, but because she had read that testimony, mine would be the next immigration testimony to be read. She agreed and prayed with me. Four days later my son and I received our leave to remain. Hallelujah.

Thank you Pastor Matthew and Pastor Yemisi for the Word in the House and Pastor Esther who has been my pillar all the way. This Year has been declared the Year of ‘Full Blessing’ and the blessings have surely come in Jesus Mighty Name.

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