Signs and wonders

Our first testimony today is about God’s goodness and mercy in the lives of His people. Be encouraged and blessed as you listen.  It reads…

Our daughter recently celebrated her 10th birthday but started bed-wetting shortly afterwards. Initially, we thought she was drinking too much water or being lazy going to the toilet. We kept punishing her not realising the devil was at work. One day I felt in my spirit that we should start praying for her and encourage her to eat earlier and drink less water. It was not easy as she wet the bed nearly every day, which required daily laundry being done.

To God be the glory at one of the Sunday evening services Pastor Matthew shared his testimony on how God had healed him a similar issue. Immediately my faith rose and I believed this for our daughter. After the service my daughter and I went to see Pastor Matthew but were unable to see him. I decided to speak to Pastor Yemisi. Pastor Yemisi prayed for our daughter but insisted that we should see Pastor Matthew.

The following Sunday my husband took our daughter to Pastor Matthew and he prayed for her. To God be the glory! The bed-wetting that occurred for over 4 years stopped and for almost a year, she has been enjoying her victory.

We give thanks to God Almighty and to our Pastors who God used for our daughter’s healing. Praise God!


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